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Current Status:

In 2007 I graduated from Midwives College of Utah with an AS in Midwifery, became certified through North American Registry of Midwives after passing the NARM exam, and became licensed in Minnesota. I maintain certification in adult CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation. After over 20 years of practicing in north central Minnesota, I now practice in Fargo-Moorhead and am willing to travel within a 80 mile radius.


The first time I heard about home birth was 1974. A woman at a commune near us in Yakima, Washington was planning a home birth with her first baby. That was when the light bulb started to come on. When I became pregnant with our first child the following year, I was inspired by Birth, by Caterine Milinaire. Other books that were formative in my path to natural childbirth were Childbirth Without Fear, by Grantly Dick Read, Informed Home Birth, by Rahima Baldwin and Spiritual Midwifery, by Ina May Gaskin. Unable to find a midwife to assist me at home in rural, northern MN, our first two daughters were born at our local hospital (‘75 & ’77). Our third daughter was born at home (’84), caught by her father and assisted by several women whose births I had attended in the intervening years.

I attended my first home birth as a neighbor and “someone who knew something about birth” to a couple planning to have an unassisted birth at home in 1979. It wasn’t long after that I started getting calls from other couples saying “I heard you attended a home birth, could you come help us with ours?” Soon I was attending home birth workshops and doing lots of self-study. By the mid-eighties I’d met other midwives around the state and I started attending meetings with the Minnesota Midwives Guild.

I’ve always believed in practicing according to strong midwifery traditions while staying current with evidence-based practices. I believe in the importance of peer review and have participated in peer review since the early years, first with the MMG and then MCCPM.

I am forever grateful to the families who invited me to their births. It is a privilege and honor to be present at the birth of a brand new human being!

In 1999, the MN state legislature (thanks to the work of many midwives and consumers) passed the statute licensing traditional midwives and recognizing the CPM model. That same year, I enrolled as a part-time student in the Midwives College of Utah distance program. I traveled to Utah several times over the next three years for hands-on clinical skills training. In February, 2005 and again for six weeks in July/August, 2006, I traveled to Davao, Philippines to intern at Mercy Maternity Center. In 2007 I passed the NARM exam, received my AS degree in Midwifery from MCU, received my CPM certification from NARM and became licensed in MN. I maintain certification in adult CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation. I’m a member of MCCPM (Minnesota Council of Certified Professional Midwives) and MANA (Midwives Alliance of North America) and participate in their statistics collection project.

In 2006 my sister midwife, Jill Kent, encouraged me to purchase her midwifery practice in the Fargo-Moorhead area when she moved to Maine. I now practice solely in the Red River Valley.

I’ve been married to Craig since 1975 and we raised our children, Mara (Jason), Erin (Grant) & Emily (Mark)in Deer River, MN. We have 9 beautiful grandchildren. In my spare time I like to walk, read and sew, garden, and spend time with my husband and family.

Beth Bergeron,  Certified Professional Midwife, Licensed Midwife

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